This Bod is Between Food & Summer

Hey there... sorry for the lack of love on our blog we have been super busy with spring arrivals and are super excited about our second launch of the new active wear. 

When our new workout gear came in the girls at The Southern Bunny and I knew that we either wanted to write a diet or a workout plan. A concern came to mind though... who are we to give diet plans? to give workout plans? or to even write a blog about it? Then I decided immediately that those were negative thoughts, I decided that we are girls who are passionate about the things we do. EVERYTHING we do. We may not be certified trainers, professional nutritionist or may not even be all that great at writing. But we love everything we do and if we can even give a small spark of inspiration to one person- then the mission has been accomplished. 

I think over the course of the last couple months I started to stay in a little more. Live a life of comfort and be a little more conservative in my eating habits and workout habits. I disagree with this way of living. I think that everyone should LIVE. Eat and splurge and really just do whatever your pretty little heart desires... snapchat or take pictures of the delicious things you are eating, capture the moments you share with the people you sit around the table with and enjoy the air you breath because we should all just be a little more grateful for our amazing lives, and make sure to maintain a healthy bod to maintain a healthy mindset. 

Our new workout gear is pretty rad if you ask me. I saw it for the first time on one of my favorite New York fashion bloggers and I immediately fell in love with it. Like most girls,  I thought that if I had really cute workout clothes, then it would convince me to go to the gym more often... and I must say it most certainly has! Here are a few of my favorite things to do to get back to my swim suit bod....and hopefully sooner then later because our Strait Swim arrivals will be here soon.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Some of my most favorite things- for starters is running. Nothing brings me more joy and clarity than running. I run for everything... when I am super happy, when I want to get rid of cramps (yes that's right period cramps, get up and run. They go away!), and also just to think. Every big decision I have ever made has been with a good 5 mile run.  I still don't know how I am able to run that far but I always can- I mean heck who doesn't love to get a good sweat in jamming out to some fine tunes? My current running playlist consists of- Rufus Du Sol, Odesza or Gregory Alan Isakov for scenic routes. 

I am not in perfect shape by any means but I love my body and I believe every woman should. We are all beautiful. 

With that being said... I am a girl with a little meat on her bones at times. I love to eat. I am really big on drinking one too many chispas and eating more brunch then you probably should on a Sunday. If you want a lunch or dinner partner-- you found your girl.  

We seriously hope you love our second launch of our active wear. We hope that this cuteness inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle not necessarily physically but altogether. Be proud of your body, be proud of your life and just enjoy everything you do. 

Like seriously! Can we take a moment and scroll down... scroll down... and see how cute this second launch is? So in love!!! Can't wait to see you in store! 


XOXO- The Southern Bunny