For The Love of Donuts!!!!

Happy National Donut Day!!!! Did you wait to see the Insta posts before you ran over to grab yourself a donut and take a really cute pic?

I've had this scheduled in my phone for a month now... With my alarm going off at 5AM... I tried to beat the sugary crowd... instead I waited in a 45 minute line. That's okay!!! Everyone was soo happy to get their donut- it was a fun line. 

If you haven't been by the donut shop today... I would say swing by Krispy Kreme... you don't even need to buy a donut they are just handing them out for free. Yes... I had 3 while waiting in line... so?

I am easily excited... and today is seriously just making my day. What's not to love about these sugary treats? The fact that they are stuffed with super delicious fillings and covered with sparkles.. I mean sprinkles. 

If you are debating if you should eat that donut... I say DO IT.... Eat 3 of them. Why the heck not? You only live once... and honestly.... you are probably gaining more weight by stressing yourself out thinking if you should... than what you would just enjoying that one treat. 


Happy National Donut Day!!!! 

P.S if you read this... send me a pic of you eating your donut!! Tag us!!!! We will be a little fatty with ya! 

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