Self-Love on a Sunday


Sunday— A day of worship, rest, and, most importantly a day to prepare for a new week. It’s an opportunity to leave the past week behind and have a fresh start, Monday. If you’re like me, you dread Monday and all that it brings. Nevertheless, we all have to face them.

Since school started I’ve been in a bit of a continuous routine and it started to wear on me quickly. So, being the problem solver I am, I came up with a solution and it was to -treat myself- for all the long days, busy schedules and craziness. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little R & R sometimes. From then on I decided it was time to throw some self-love in to my Sundays.


Today’s remedy was; church, and an afternoon at the Southern Bunny. Then, I splurged at Boudro’s on the river walk, and enjoyed a post-dinner treat at Lick Honest Ice Cream’s in the Pearl (per Jenn’s recommendation of course). Let me just tell you- Jesus, cute clothes, food, and sweets are a few of my favorite things!


My Sweet Company, Enjoying Some Sweets. 

My Sweet Company, Enjoying Some Sweets. 

As I sit here thinking about the past week and all the craziness, I start to wonder what are some ways I can recuperate on Sunday’s, and not just face Monday, but CONQUER it. So now it’s your turn to jump on the self-love ‘band wagon’ and I’m going to share a few tips that I came up with…


  • Feed the soul- eat something that you normally wouldn’t and don’t worry about those extra calories (for me it was some coconut & peaches ice cream from Lick).
  • Share the love- find someone to adventure with. It’s proven that there is power in numbers, and sweet company makes everything sweeter!
  • Look good while doing it- put something nice on for a day/night out! “Look good, feel good”… Isn’t that the motto? (Pro tip: Southern Bunny might just have your perfect ‘feel good’ outfit).
  • Enjoy only the good things- Empty all the stress from the past week and forget about it. Have an optimistic attitude on what’s to come.
  • Catch some Z’s- Get to bed early that night and give yourself a chance to make up for the sleep you probably won’t get during a busy week.



Whatever you do, do it, and do it well. Live with purpose and positivity- it will take you far!

XOXO- Miranda