Blooms & MMMMimosas…

Oh, hey! Haven’t written a blog post in awhile. I would say it’s because I haven’t had much to write about… but actually it’s the complete opposite. Girls been busy!


(HOLD, while I turn on some music and pour myself a mimosa… need to get back in the moment, while I write this blog).

Okay- that was refreshing.

As the new year started- I had a New Years Resolution. The resolution consisted of multiple goals with one of those goals being- to make more friends, quality friends that is, and spend more time doing fun activities. Like a flower arranging workshop.

How cute is this idea?! Like what is better than flowers, mimosas, and a great group of women?!

A pinterest inspired day beginning with cotton candy mimosas and an event hosted by Alice’s Table. There’s something super therapeutic about creating a bouquet. The ability to disconnect and create something is always my favorite thing.

Let’s get deep though for a moment… you know me by now- I always like to go there. I tend to look at things a little differently than most. What was happening in the room? Other than a group of girls making a beautiful arrangement?

What I saw was the following:

I saw… a woman who was nervous and excited to host her first flower arranging class. After the 3rd song on the playlist- I then saw this same woman transition from her posture to a level of confidence and passion in what she was saying and began to see a joy in herself once she knew that everyone was having a good time with the class. Great job Michelle! We really enjoyed the class!

Next, what else did I see in the room…

I saw that there was several girls in the room who attended the event because they either  just moved to San Antonio wanted to get out and about and socialize and another girl or two who you could tell were shy but then opened up halfway through the workshop. This I loved. I can relate to this. I can relate to not knowing anyone and learning to open myself up- try new things and get out there and make friends. I was happy to meet each girl that attended the event and most importantly I am so incredibly proud of any woman who doesn’t rely on anyone else to determine how much fun they want to have. You wanted to attend the workshop, you wanted to do something fun and different… so you did it! I think most girls especially once you’re out of college and in your early professional years and older tend to spend less time making new friends and trying new things. At some point in time- we lose the ability to make friendships, we lose the ability to be vulnerable and to make new friends. Let me remind you… you learn the most from human interaction… not necessarily always what others have to say or what they do- but in yourself. I challenge everyone to be more friendly, step out of their comfort zone and try something different. You never know who you might meet, what you might learn, or how special you could be to someone. Allow that opportunity.


I saw two daughters… enjoy their mothers company… I saw a family who was able to use this workshop as time together. Life is so incredibly busy- our schedules are hectic and at times maybe family interactions just don’t happen as much as they should because we get so caught up trying to pay for bills, make a living, and not really live. This family was my family… I am so incredibly blessed that I got to spend the afternoon with my mom and sister. Just having them in the room with me… meant the world to me. I loved this workshop.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event.