Far Enough To Get Lost

My mind and soul lives somewhere between… flowers, retro vibe, and a little bit of country and southern charm. I am not exactly sure how those all go together but they do.

My eyes are for love & happiness- holding a permanent grainy filter to take me into my La La Land.

With our one year anniversary for The Southern Bunny right around the corner- I have been thinking a lot…my thoughts go between many different things but for the most part they are- Wow!! Omg, Omg, Omg!!! So totally amazing and…. Yay!IMG_3181

I think what’s been the most amazing part of this one year journey is looking back at all the photos from the last year- seeing my life change from a girl leaving her full time job from a non-profit organization to embracing what her soul was hungry for. It amazes me to be able to not only capture the items we sell but the lifestyle of the boutique and the daily activities we do to build our brand.

If you have been watching our Insta Story you will see that most of my free time is well spent in Austin…. it’s nice to play tourist and get a away for a day or two.

I think its important to take a moment to put the phone away (unless it’s for a picture), dress up and enjoy the love and laughter of the one you love. Austin is easy enough for us to get away for a day, but far enough to get lost in one another.

So on my next day off… if you are off to… maybe you should meet me in Austin!!!…. I will probably be brunching at Launderette… listening to some live music outside with my toes in the grass… then finish with cocktails under that beautiful velvet tent at Justine’s.

I’ll see you there babes. XOXO- JENN

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