Flowers, Gems & Bones

My New Years Day was spent walking around market and purchasing skulls I had been on a search for. My boyfriend and I began to think- why is everyone raising eyebrow to us carrying multiple skulls around? What does this mean to people, especially on New Years Day? We saw them beautiful, but what did everyone else think of our collection?

TSBBridalSkullsI am very excited to bring to you The Southern Bunny- Bone Collection…. couture bones, designed for you- by me. In the next few weeks I will be designing these skulls and creating one of a kind pieces available for decor and tradition.

The meaning of these bones…

Usually the skull means death. For most people- that may mean something negative, but to me- it means a new beginning. These skulls are of gentle creatures who once lived who died naturally in nature. By hanging and displaying these skulls you are preserving the life of a beautiful animal who walks our land in the most calm and holiness fashion. Some cultures believe that by displaying the skulls throughout your home-  will bring life-long protection.

If that wasn’t enough for me to fall in love with the tradition- maybe being the Taurus that I am would… Hope you all like what I create. XOXO