In The Company We Keep

Often times we tend to keep company longer than what we need to. We stay in relationships that are comfortable… out of being scared of change. We prevent our own selves from experiencing the true happiness in which we deserve, we close the door to opportunities, experiences, social interaction that we can learn and grow from.

Not only am I speaking of romantic relationships, but also in your career, your friendships, and maybe just the energy around you or within you.

Today I encourage you to meditate on whatever your beliefs may be… ask yourself or your higher being to search within you… for anything displeasing in your life. Then ask yourself how you would make that situation better- what would your ideal sIMG_2882ituation be? Ok…. now go do it. Simple right? Yes… yes it is. Why? Because you are capable of everything you set your mind to. You are worthy of your blessings waiting for you and most importantly if your patient… all good things will come. If you find yourself alone… then good! Great! Who cares… you’re amazing- just come to Bunny and we will lift you back up, because guess what you are NOT alone.

If I’ve learned anything so far in this lifetime… it’s to keep only good company, not live routinely (sometimes live uncomfortably), surround yourself with people that light up your world… and heck it may even mean to be selfish sometimes by changing career paths, eliminating people, and things that are preventing you from experiencing this amazing life we are living.

Word and World Peace.

XOXO- Jenn.