January 1, 2018

Today is the day… the day where many will either do one of two things or both (Reflect or Plan). What came to your mind at midnight? Today? Who is on your mind?

The last week of 2017 I practiced many self-awareness exercises to finish the year with a clear mind and positive approach to 2018.

As I reflected on the previous year I learned that…

Love will come… and love will go. People are placed in your life for reason and sometimes that reason is only for just a moments time. I am grateful for each of those moments and all of those lessons. I “dated” technically for the first time since 2006.

I discovered a lot about myself by stepping out of my comfort zone, being spontaneous taking random trips and renting random air bnb’s places just so I could experience different things, reflect and just explore. I practiced saying yes more often- some of those yes’s I may have regretted but didn’t regret the lesson I learned from it.

What I have always known is that the fire that burns inside of you… you know the one that keeps you up late at night thinking and won’t let you fall asleep because you can’t lay there because you just want it to be the morning so you can go do it already or start whatever idea you have in your head…. is still the best damn thing ever. I want more nights like that.IMG_6748

Trusting yourself and your decisions is everything. Your intuition will never steer you wrong.

What I continue to believe year over year- is that your passion will lead you to your happiness. Your spiritual beliefs should remain connected.

As we enter a new year, what is on my mind?

I have 3 big plans for this upcoming year. All of which I plan to either begin or achieve by the end of the year. I will not discuss these… until they happen but oh! baby!  I am excited about them.

Living a mindful life is a must. The ability to be awake and aware spiritually and in your passions.

All in all… this new year is going to be amazing… the vibrations and anticipations we feel as the clock turned midnight signified it. Here you were thinking those were just the fireworks…. No, lets do this.

Happy New Year.




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