To My One True Love

Dear Southern Bunnies,

I thought about writing about what I did over the Memorial Day weekend and then decided I would write about something a little more real. Something that’s been not only what I have been thinking about lately but it seems as though there is some unusual cloud of similar things going on when I talk to some of the girls who shop in store and my friends.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I did not just move to San Antonio or back from out of town as many people may think. I was in a relationship for the last 10 years, did not have social media and decided to resurface when I decided to open the boutique.

I left my 10 year relationship to open The Southern Bunny. Why? At the end of the day I loved someone with all my heart. I was going to marry that someone. But I also loved something else- I loved my passion I loved the desire and I loved my dreams. Something was missing.

Prior to The Southern Bunny… I was living in a constant day dream both in my relationship and working for a local non profit. I was drawing pictures of images of the boutique in a diary and surfing the web in meetings. I was cutting out brands and styles from magazines of the things I would carry if I were to open a store one day. It wouldn’t let me sleep and I just could not concentrate.

So one day I decided- do I want to live a life of being content? Or did I want to possibly lose everything I had and try to chase my dreams?

I think you know my decision.

I have never felt more alive, scared, happy and excited. Really, you can say I feel every emotion. I love it.

So what happened after this little bunny hopped her way to pursuing what she envisioned?

I found myself high on life and high of love with the boutique and with every customer that walked in the door… and when I thought I would look around to see that 10 year relationship “someone” chase me or be beside me, they weren’t around.

Instead, I found myself in love again with someone new. I found myself so in love with everything around me… with everything about this person. It makes a major difference when you put everything out there.

This last year my time was spent falling in love with the new arrivals, all the bunnies that shop and work in store and falling madly in love with this new person that was so supportive and new in my life.

So what’s my message here? Do whatever makes you happy… do whatever scares you.

Anyone who loves you will chase you and be with you and believe in you. They don’t give up on you. They don’t let you give up on dreams or goals. They will just be there with you.

And at the end of the day if they aren’t chasing you… then why be sad?

Just come to The Southern Bunny… where Some-Bunny loves you.

After All— Maybe our one true love isn’t a person… maybe it’s a dream.

I love you all.

XOXO- The Southern Bunny

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