What We Feel When It's Quiet

When signing up for a day of fishing... I didn't realize that I would be signing up for hours of self realization and prayer.

What I came to realize was...

The sunrise is more beautiful when you're surrounded by the people you love...the sky is more clear when you are in the present moment and the answers to all your questions are loud... when you are quiet long enough to actually hear them.

If you have these moments alone... with what feels like a spiritual moment.. what questions would you have? What feelings would fulfill you? What really matters to you at that time?

Take a moment for yourself and make that pretty heart of yours happy.

To My One True Love

Dear Southern Bunnies,

I thought about writing about what I did over the Memorial Day weekend and then decided I would write about something a little more real. Something that's been not only what I have been thinking about lately but it seems as though there is some unusual cloud of similar things going on when I talk to some of the girls who shop in store and my friends.

Let's start from the beginning.

I did not just move to San Antonio or back from out of town as many people may think. I was in a relationship for the last 10 years, did not have social media and decided to resurface when I decided to open the boutique.

I left my 10 year relationship to open The Southern Bunny. Why? At the end of the day I loved someone with all my heart. I was going to marry that someone. But I also loved something else- I loved my passion I loved the desire and I loved my dreams. Something was missing.

Prior to The Southern Bunny... I was living in a constant day dream both in my relationship and working for a local non profit. I was drawing pictures of images of the boutique in a diary and surfing the web in meetings. I was cutting out brands and styles from magazines of the things I would carry if I were to open a store one day. It wouldn't let me sleep and I just could not concentrate.

So one day I decided- do I want to live a life of being content? Or did I want to possibly lose everything I had and try to chase my dreams?

I think you know my decision.

I have never felt more alive, scared, happy and excited. Really, you can say I feel every emotion. I love it. 

So what happened after this little bunny hopped her way to pursuing what she envisioned?

I found myself high on life and high of love with the boutique and with every customer that walked in the door... and when I thought I would look around to see that 10 year relationship "someone" chase me or be beside me, they weren't around.

Instead, I found myself in love again with someone new. I found myself so in love with everything around me... with everything about this person. It makes a major difference when you put everything out there.

This last year my time was spent falling in love with the new arrivals, all the bunnies that shop and work in store and falling madly in love with this new person that was so supportive and new in my life.

So what's my message here? Do whatever makes you happy... do whatever scares you.

Anyone who loves you will chase you and be with you and believe in you. They don't give up on you. They don't let you give up on dreams or goals. They will just be there with you.

And at the end of the day if they aren't chasing you... then why be sad?

Just come to The Southern Bunny... where Some-Bunny loves you.

After All--- Maybe our one true love isn't a person... maybe it's a dream.

I love you all.

XOXO- The Southern Bunny

... Far Enough to Get Lost

My mind and soul lives somewhere between... flowers, retro vibe, and a little bit of country and southern charm. I am not exactly sure how those all go together but they do.

My eyes are for love & happiness- holding a permanent grainy filter to take me into my La La Land.

With our one year anniversary for The Southern Bunny right around the corner- I have been thinking a lot...my thoughts go between many different things but for the most part they are- Wow!! Omg, Omg, Omg!!! So totally amazing and.... Yay!

I think what's been the most amazing part of this one year journey is looking back at all the photos from the last year- seeing my life change from a girl leaving her full time job from a non-profit organization to embracing what her soul was hungry for. It amazes me to be able to not only capture the items we sell but the lifestyle of the boutique and the daily activities we do to build our brand.

If you have been watching our Insta Story you will see that most of my free time is well spent in Austin.... it's nice to play tourist and get a away for a day or two.

I think its important to take a moment to put the phone away (unless it's for a picture), dress up and enjoy the love and laughter of the one you love. Austin is easy enough for us to get away for a day, but far enough to get lost in one another.

Launderette, Doll Jumpsuit

Launderette, Doll Jumpsuit

So on my next day off... if you are off to... maybe you should meet me in Austin!!!.... I will probably be brunching at Launderette... listening to some live music outside with my toes in the grass... then finish with cocktails under that beautiful velvet tent at Justine's.

I'll see you there babes. XOXO- JENN

Justine's Brasserie

Justine's Brasserie

XOXO- The Southern Bunny
Meet Me Here... On Sunday
Feast/San Antonio

Feast/San Antonio

We work hard.... to play hard. My kind of play is splurging in FOOD. If we have had the opportunity to have a conversation... it probably consisted of a lot of giggles and then somehow ended by talking about food. Those are my favorite conversations.

So lets talk about it.

Sunday is here!!!! Where will you go for brunch?! Send me your favorite brunch spots! I want to go! Right now I am visiting Feast and Paramour pretty often.

I love Feast for several different reasons- The AMAZINGLY satisfying food, the mimosas, those super dangerous corn dog pancake thingies that I shouldn't be eating... but keep eating as my boyfriend looks at me like.... "Ummmm girl please stop!" Also--- Feast takes reservations. Thank you kindly. I appreciate that.

After your 3 hour visit at Feast- because yes a lot good times and socializing is happening... or maybe you are like me- ordered the Eggs in Hell... loved it but the girl across the way ordered the pancakes and you want that too... So something magical happens and you are no longer full so you say why not?! Let's order that too. Maybe get up go to restroom, pretend that you sat down again at table for first time- just so you feel good about yourself then eat the entire plate of pancakes too.

OKAY!!! Soooo after all of that............... then head over to Paramour! Spring is right around the corner and this rooftop bar is one of my favorites not because of their drink menu but because of the design. Just so happens they also have a good drink menu. Let us not forget to mention with all the new Spring arrivals we have coming in--- you will have tough time deciding which pics to post... because you will want to post them all in your cute outfits!!! XOXO

Like seriously--- take a look at my Instagram worthy pics of Feast and Paramour and tell me you don't want to go there now.  

Paramour/San Antonio

Paramour/San Antonio

So what is Sunday looking like? It looks like Brunch at Feast, Drinks at Paramour, then head over to visit us at The Southern Bunny. We will greet you with open arms (if you want) and help you finish the day and fulfill your hearts with some super cute clothes!!!

XOXO-The Southern Bunny

XOXO- The Southern Bunny
Flowers, Gems and Bones
@pinterest inspired pic.

@pinterest inspired pic.

My New Years Day was spent walking around market and purchasing skulls I had been on a search for. My boyfriend and I began to think- why is everyone raising eyebrow to us carrying multiple skulls around? What does this mean to people, especially on New Years Day? We saw them beautiful, but what did everyone else think of our collection?

I am very excited to bring to you The Southern Bunny- Bone Collection.... couture bones, designed for you- by me. In the next few weeks I will be designing these skulls and creating one of a kind pieces available for decor and tradition.

The meaning of these bones...

Usually the skull means death. For most people- that may mean something negative, but to me- it means a new beginning. These skulls are of gentle creatures who once lived who died naturally in nature. By hanging and displaying these skulls you are preserving the life of a beautiful animal who walks our land in the most calm and holiness fashion. Some cultures believe that by displaying the skulls throughout your home-  will bring life-long protection.

If that wasn't enough for me to fall in love with the tradition- maybe being the Taurus that I am would... Hope you all like what I create. XOXO

Our Market Day picture... picking out our beauties.

Our Market Day picture... picking out our beauties.

Below is an example of whats to come.... pretty darn excited about it!

All of our pieces will be one of kind... made with different types of stones, crystals and flowers.

Picture @childofwild

Picture @childofwild

XOXO- The Southern Bunny